flash diffuser soft glow
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Look How Direct Flash Is Very Harsh !!!
Turn Your Camera and Flash Fast And Easy From Horizontal To Vertical
• 5.5 Inches Tall - Rounded Top Shape.
• Stores Flat.
• Works in Horizontal & Vertical Orientation.
• White Foam Front Side.
• Black Matte Back Side.
• Built In Velcro Belt.
• Light Fires Upward, Diffuses Forward.
• Very Light Weight - Less Than 1 Ounce.
• Beautiful Flash Pictures!
• Affordable Price!
Good Looking Matte Black Foam Finish On The Back Side
White Reflective Foam On The Front Side
Flash Not Included
Why Should I Use A Zippy Flash Diffuser?
Zippy flash diffuser makes it easy to have a low cost high value diffuser ready and at your fingertips all the time. You can store it flat or roll it up.

The Zippy Flash diffuser works both in horizontal and vertical camera orientation. Some other flash diffusers do not.

Will the Zippy flash diffuser work on my flash?

The Zippy flash diffuser works with the:

Canon: 420EX,420EZ,430EX,430EX II,540EZ,550EX,580EX,580EX II
LumoPro: LP100,LP120
Metz: MZ-36,MZ-40,MZ-44,MZ-45,MZ-48,MZ-54,MZ-58
Minolta: 2800 and 4000 AF; 5400 and 5600 HS,Maxxum 3500XI,3600
Nikon: SB-16,SB-24,SB-25,SB-26,SB-28,SB-28DX,SB-50,SB-50DX,SB-80,SB -600,SB-800,SB-900, SB 910
Olympus: FL36,FL40,FL50
Pentax:AF220T,AF280T,AF330FTZ,AF360FGZ,AF400T,AF400FTZ,AF 500FTZ,AF540FGZ
Phoenix: D92-BZS
ProMaster: 5250-DX,5500,5550-DX,5700,5750-DX,7500-DX,7500EDF,FT-1700,FT D-5200,FTD-5400,FTD-5500,FTD-5600,FTD-6500M,FTD-7000M
Quantaray: 6500A,PZ1-DSZ,QDC-900,QDC-900W,QTB-7500A,QTB-9500A
Sakara: 77-TFZ Sigma:EF-420,EF-430,EF-500,EF-530
Soligor: MZ-340AF
Sony: HVL-F32X,HVL-42AM,HVL-56AM,HVL-58AM,HVL-F1000
Sunpak: 30,42,40,144,200,240,244,260,266,355,383,422,433,444,544,555,622, 1600,2000,3600,4000,4500,5000
Vivitar: 50,200,273,283,285,383,550,560,560D,600N,728,730,840,850,2700,28 00,3500,5200
(Ref: B&H)

What if there is no ceiling?

The Zippy Flash difuser will still bounce forward even if there is no ceiling. At a surface area of 5 inches in diameter it provides a pretty large surface for bouncing of the light. Compare that with higher priced soft plastic diffusers in actual surface of light.

Can I "scoop" the light forward if there is no ceiling (like for outdoors at night)?

No. Scooping the light by capping the diffuser will create a focused light beam defeating the diffusion action altogether. Other diffusers that catch the upward firing light by having a "scoop" in their design and do not diffuse the "scooped" light are making a small harsh light source and the effort of making a softer light is gone. If you scoop the light you MUST diffuse it again. The Zippy Flash diffuser does not scoop the light.

Do I have to mount the Zippy Flash on the narrow side of the flash like you show in the picture?

Yes. When mounting the Zippy Flash diffuser on the narrow side of the flash unit you gain instant ability to go from horizantal to vertical camera position without any delays other than just pointing your flash upward. There is no light loss that happens whether the Zippy flash diffuser is mounted on the narrow side versus the wide side of the flash unit.

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